11 inch State Series Thermometer featuring Alaska. Indoor/Outdoor use. Made in America! Premium Digital Printing! FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US!
Can be used indoors or out. It measures 3.375 inches wide and 11.375 inches tall. This thermometer is filled with fun facts about The Last Frontier, ALASKA. State bird, Flower, even the State Tree printed down the middle of the thermometer. The Fahrenheit scale (with 2 degree increments) is located to the left of the state info. ALASKA in large, red, block letters flows down the right side. At the top you will find the state nickname, The Last Frontier, gently curved over a beautiful snow mountain view. The state outline is faintly placed over a lake, resting under the mountains, a red star marks the state capitol. A large bear fishing at the top and a Polar bear, Whale and other animals native to Alaska at the bottom.
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